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A Trilogy

Give me tomorrow,Lord,just one more day,

just one more sunrise to brighten the way;

just a few hours to play with my toys,

Or does Heaven supply all those little-boy joys?

I know it's time,Lord,I feel it inside.

I knew it today,when I saw how momma cried.

Let me stay longer,Lord,just for awhile,

Maybe somehow, I could get her to smile.

Help her to know,Lord,I've nothing to fear,

that I'm not really losing the things I hold dear.

Give me some time,Lord,to spend with my Dad,

he's trying so very hard not to feel sad.

I want to touch them,Lord,touch them again,

Please give me tomorrow,I'll be ready then.

Please give him tomorrow,Lord,just one more day,

I know that he's leaving,but please let him stay.

Till the morning,at least,when the flowers open wide

Till the birds greet the new day in song just outside .

I'm used to it now,Lord,I'm used to the pain,

but I know that in time I will hold him again.

It's his father,dear Lord,who carries the cross

who can't bear the sadness that comes with the loss.

Give them tomorrow,Lord,so they may share,

all the love of a lifetime,that You've put there.

Perhaps with tomorrow his father will find,

some comfort in living,the lost peace of mind.

Please give them tomorrow,Lord,just one more day,

before You reach gently,to take him away.

Please give him tomorrow,Lord,surely one day,

won't make any difference,please let him stay.

She needs some more time,Lord,to help her adjust

to the fact that he's going,if take him You must.

He's flesh of her flesh,Lord,of her body born,

how much can she cry,Lord,how much can she mourn?

I've shed my own tears,Lord,my eyes are now dry,

but she'll fight to hold him,at least she must try.

Please give her tomorrow,Lord,just give her that day,

to show him she loves him in her special way.

I know that You're calling,You won't be denied,

I'm resigned to the truth,he will go to Your side.

But give her tomorrow,to be with her son,

she needs that much time,Lord,then Thy will be done.

It was morning,tomorrow too soon was today,

and birdsong reached in to the boy where he lay

He smiled,and his smile was a gentle farewell;

He'd found his own Heaven;they found their own Hell.

(author unknown)