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align="center" Hi,you've arrived at my bio page.I've received lots of questions from my guests which I'd like to answer.So,here goes......

Where do you live?
In the Barcelona,Spain zoo.
Where were you discovered?
In Equatorial Guinea.
How old were you then?
I was just a "lil" baby!
Who discovered you?
Jordi Sabater Pi,biologist.
How long did you live with him before taking you to zoo?
About two years.
Do you have any children?
Yes,I fathered 30 children.
Are any "white" like you?
No,all are normal color.
How long have you been at the zoo?
Wow,can't believe its been 30 years!
What is your personality like?
I'm very affectionate and gentle!!
Are there any other white gorillas living today?
None that I know of.
Do they treat you nice at the zoo?
Yes,in fact they "pamper"me!
Do you have any afflictions?
Well,I have bad eyesight and skin problems.
What color are your eyes?
They're blue,my skin's tan.
What's your life expectancy?
I've already outlived many others in the wild!
What are the odds of another like you?
My children carry the genes,so "maybe"!!
Do you have any grandkids?
Just one grandson(stillborn).

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