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Ode to my wife "The Painter"

She learned to paint on Monday

Her strokes were going fine;

She forgot to cook our dinner,

So....we went out to dine!

She painted trees on Tuesday;

she says they are a must.

They really were quite lovely,

but...she forgot to dust!

On Wednesday it was daisies,

she says they're really fun.

They had nice lights and darks,

but...the laundry wasn't done!

Painting 's came on Thursday,

so juicy,bright and red.

I guess she really was engrossed,

she never made the beds!

It was violets on Friday,

in colors she adores.

It never bothered her at all,

that crumbs were on the floor!!

I found a maid on Saturday,

my week is now complete;

My wife can paint the hours away,

the house will still be neat!! that it is Sunday,

you can't call me a "saint"!

I cursed raved and ranted....

Now the MAID has learned to paint!!!

....Author unknown....