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The day after "Thanksgiving"


Twas the day after Thanksgiving.
And I slept too late.

The sale started at "seven",
I got there at "eight" !

I missed out on the tv, the treadmill & such,
And I really wanted that vacuum,so much!

That candle trio for four-ninety-five,
Would've went nice w/ that plastic bee-hive!!

That little blue top w/the elephants on it,
I could've worn w/ that pretty pink "bonnet"

I wanted that "furby",
The one dressed in "blue"

That globe & the mirror
And that picture frame too.

That digital camera, was sure "cheap" enough,
They almost were "giving-away", lotsa "stuff",

Those "Go-rilla" slippers, I wanted so bad,
Were gone when I got there, now isn't that sad?

I waded thru people, the young and the old
Pushing and shoving, gee whiz, they were BOLD.!!

That nice leather jacket, I reached for my size,
When somebody grabbed it, in front of my eyes.!!

I searched for another, but to my dismay,
Twas none of them left, oh my, what a day.

I've missed out this year on so many things,
that after-thanksgiving sales always brings

So next year I promise,I will not sleep in,
i'll hang a reminder around my chin!!

~~~~~Beverly Sandy~~~~11/27/98